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 Energy Services
Foley Environmental understands that energy project developments, whether renewable or traditional, have specific needs and requirements. Project developers may be seeking environmental consulting support to assist in evaluating resources; constraints analysis, permit strategy or conducting NEPA or CEQA assessments.  

Whether it involves evaluating and planning or developing and permitting a renewable or traditional energy project, we have the expertise to assist with the project. We provide strategic project management and technical resources  in support of the environmental permitting process.

Renewable Energy

Solar and wind developments are key components in meeting renewable portfolio standards and energy independence throughout North America. A number of complex  variables can determine siting and environmental constraints.  We have the expertise to  assist developers in successfully meeting these challenges.

              Energy Project Evaluation and Planning 

              Environmental Resource Studies

              Renewable Energy Resource Assessment

              Permitting Strategy Development

              Siting Constraints Analysis

              CEQA/NEPA Permitting and Document Preparation

Oil & Gas                 

We are experienced in all aspects of permitting and regulatory compliance as regards air, waste and water issues in the field of oil and gas production. 


Air Quality permitting 

CEQA/NEPA compliance & permitting

Facility safety and environmental auditing

Climate change analysis and verification

Hazardous materials and waste handling