The Foley Environmental team is comprised of senior level environmental professionals with many years of experience. Throughout our individual careers, we have had opportunities to work on a myriad of projects spanning several industries, locations and disciplines. We have been fortunate enough to have faced many challenging regulatory and strategic situations, and have had the satisfaction of learning from and meeting those challenges. Together, we bring this experience and expertise to our clients.

Below is a sample of our team members' project experience:

 Air Quality Analysis and Permitting

United States Air Force – McChord Air Force Base Air Quality Audit. Conducted onsite inspection of the Air Force Base to assess existing and potential air quality issues and to develop an inspection and maintenance program. Interacted with local air pollution control district   on behalf of the Base in order to develop a working plan.

ConAgra Foods, Inc – Gilroy Processing Facility Upgrade Permit. Conducted a comprehensive analysis and documentation of air quality issues affecting the retrofit of ConAgra’s garlic drying facility in Gilroy, California, in support of the preparation of permit applications to the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.

Title V Operating Permit Application Assistance – Unocal Corporation. Assisted Unocal in developing Title V permit application materials for several onshore production facilities and offshore platforms in Ventura County. Project included the preparation of comprehensive emission inventories, emissions factors and calculations. Developed a project specific database to facilitate the application process.

TENGIZCHEVROIL – Air Emissions Normatives Study and Report Preparation. Assisted the limited partnership of TENGIZCHEVROIL (TCO) in the research and development of a proposed set of air pollutant emission limits (emissions normatives) for the purpose of developing regulatory thresholds for TCO oil and gas facilities in Tengiz, Kazakhstan. Researched the regulation of the oil and gas industry worldwide, in order to assemble a sufficient set of emissions data for analysis. Primary criterion used in the determination of the normatives was protection against unhealthful public exposure to ambient pollutant levels. Particular attention was paid to the regulation of hydrogen sulfide in international oil production.

Mobil Oil Exploration and Production, Russia – Joint Feasibility Study. Assisted Mobil in the preparation of a feasibility study to allow joint operation of oilfields in western Siberia. Researched existing environmental and air quality conditions and regulatory environment within the subject area for inclusion in a baseline analysis. Researched and presented possible guidelines for improved, continued operation of the facilities, from an environmental standpoint.

Mobil Exploration and Producing US Inc. – Hydrogen Sulfide Literature Review. Conducted review of existing documentation of health effects associated with chronic exposure to low levels of H2S in a residential setting. Compiled article summaries into bound report for use by Mobil's community relations department.

Texaco Trading and Transportation Inc. (TTTI) – Gaviota Marine Terminal Permitting. Provided project management to TTTI for air quality and environmental permitting for the Gaviota Interim Marine Terminal project. Provided extensive general permitting skill and air quality expertise to TTTI, including preparation of various agency permit applications, more than 12 modifications to the facility Authority to Construct permit, and representation before various regulatory agencies. Successfully obtained a pipelining Permit to Operate for the terminal. Quantified, located, and obtained viable emission reduction credits from a number of industrial facilities and mobile sources for use as emission reduction credits by TTTI. Provided training to terminal and associated project personnel in the areas of air quality compliance, Environmental Quality Assurance Plan compliance, marine wildlife concerns, and noise and odor monitoring and reporting. Produced and revised environmental documents required to comply with more than 200 permit conditions.

Eagle Rock Aggregates, Inc – Marine Aggregate Receiving, Storage and Distribution Terminal Permit. Conducted a
comprehensive analysis and documentation of air quality issues from both on- and off-shore components resulting from the construction of a marine aggregate receiving and storage facility at the Port of Redwood City, California. Project included air pollution control equipment design, preparation of permit applications (Authority to Construct and Permit to Operate), and negotiations with the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD).

Granite Construction Company, Coast Rock Products, Bee Rock Quarry, Buellflat Rock Company – Toxic Emission Inventory Plans and Reports. Prepared plans and reports for several aggregate production and asphaltic concrete batching facilities in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties to meet requirements of California Air Toxic "Hot Spots" Information and Assessment Act (AB 2588).

Tri-County Rock Producer's Association – Permit Review. Conducted a review of operating permits held by approximately twenty mining facilities operating in San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura Counties. Determined consistency of permits with like processes at similarly operating facilities. Served as contact with respective regulatory agencies in each county on behalf of the association.

 Energy Services

CPUC Project Manager - San Francisco, California.  Regulator for CPUC Energy Division. Responsible for managing environmental approval process for a wide variety of projects including transmission line, substation, gas storage and hydroelectric projects.  Specific projects included the SDG&E Valley Rainbow Transmission Project, where she prepared data requests and reviewed application material for adequacy and compliance with CPUC guidelines and policies and procedures. CPUC project manager for the review of several Permits to Construct (PTC) for substation projects located within the SDG&E service territory. Tri-Valley 230 kV

transmission line and 115 kV Paradise transmission projects both in PG&E service territory. Montebello Gas Storage expansion project and managed PG&E’s application to sell hydroelectric assets to the El Dorado Municipal Utility Company, pursuant to CPUC rules and regulations.

Photovoltaic Solar Plant Development – Kern County, California. Evaluated sites for a proposed photovoltaic solar plant development in Kern County, California.  The feasibility assessment was prepared to examine interconnection points during the initial phase of the project.  The study examined the existing SCE transmission system and evaluated possible interconnection points on that system, as well as planned systems.  The evaluation included consideration of current SCE projects and other projects in the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) queue location in the Tehachapi Renewable Region.  

Photovoltaic Solar Power Project - Tulare County, California. Managed habitat assessment of 640 acres of dense, non-native grasses/weeds along potential transmission line routes in southwest Tulare County, California. The assessment was conducted for 12 animal and plant species known to occur in the project area. Documented potential species habitat for the San Joaquin Kit Fox and Burrowing Owl, and documented sightings of Burrowing Owl within the project area.  Specific focal surveys for the two species were completed and included coordination with the USFWS and the CDFW and conformance with appropriate agency survey protocols.  

Photovoltaic Solar Project - Imperial County, California. Provided environmental planning and permitting services for a proposed 160-MW solar PV power generating facility on 1,096 acres of land in Imperial County, California. The proposed facility would be built on privately owned land consisting of active agricultural fields within the jurisdiction of Imperial County, while the proposed substation and transmission line would be built on federal BLM land consisting of abandoned agricultural fields and in open desert, respectively. Managed preparation of a Plan of Development (POD) including desktop evaluations of cultural resources, land use, noise, visual resources, biological resources, seismic and geotechnical conditions, water resources, and consistency with local, state, and other applicable land use regulations. Additional work included biological surveys (southwestern willow flycatcher, flat-tailed horned lizard, and burrowing owl), cultural surveys, preparation of technical environmental studies in support of NEPA/CEQA requirements, preparation and submittal of EA to BLM and interagency coordination with USFWS, CDFG, USACE, and Imperial County. 

Solar Energy Park Project – Riverside County, California. Managed preparation of Phase I ESA, environmental constraints review, and transmission interconnection feasibility for a proposed 170 MW PV solar facility. This assessment included three potential

transmission corridors and an assessment of BLM right-of-way and existing transmission infrastructure. The environmental constraints review included communication with regulatory agencies, review of local land use requirements, and review of other applicable regulations to determine project consistency with such regulations.

Environmental & Land Use Planning & Permitting

Santa Barbara County Bridge Improvement Project, Santa Barbara County, California. Foley Environmental is preparing environmental permitting applications for a bridge replacement project located in Santa Barbara County. The Santa Barbara County Planning Department  is the state lead agency for purposes of CEQA.  Foley Environmental is responsible for facilitating agency consultation with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. and California Department of Fish and Wildlife, as well as preparing permitting applications and mitigation monitoring plans pursuant to County regulations and CEQA requirements.

Palmina Winery, Santa Barbara County, California. Foley Environmental is preparing an environmental assessment for the winery. The assessment will consider quality of soil, water conditions and other general environmental conditions to assess overall environmental conditions and recommend alternatives for improving soil health.

Mine Expansion EA, U.S. Bureau of Land Management – Inyo County, California. Managed preparation a NEPA-compliant EA for an amended plan of operations and reclamation for the expansion of mining activities in Inyo County, with BLM as federal lead agency and Inyo County as state agency.  The mine is adjacent to the Death Valley National Park and the National Park Service has been involved in consultations.  The primary environmental issue is presence of Townsend’s big- eared bat species, a Species of Special Concern. The mine expansion would require removal of two historic mine adits that would require off-site bat mitigation measures to create new bat habitat.  Project management responsibilities included facilitating public involvement, providing GIS services, and preparing the administrative record. Permitting responsibilities included compliance with Sections 401 and 404 of the Clean Water Act, NPDES, Section 7 of the Endangered Species Act, Section 106 of the National Historical Preservation Act, CDFW Endangered Species Act, and 1600 Streambed Alternation Agreement.

Mining Project - Santa Barbara County, California. Project manager providing regulatory permitting support, which includes compliance with the federal Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act, and CDFW 1600 requirements. The project consisted of a wetland jurisdictional delineation, hydrological investigation, and agency consultation with the USFWS, RWQCB, NOAA, USACE and CDFW to discuss approaches to permit future sediment removal activities for the project.  Project sought 401 Water Quality Certification, 404 Joint Permit, and Streambed Alteration Agreement. 

Site Assessment & Environmental Due Diligence

U.S. Air National Guard – Hazardous Waste Management Plans – Data Collection. Compiled Hazardous Waste Management Plans for a number of Air National Guard facilities throughout the US. Data was collected during base-wide inspections. Plans included a comprehensive overview of hazardous waste handling procedures in compliance with USEPA, as well as any state-specific requirements.

U.S. Air National Guard – Hazardous Waste Management Plans – Report Preparation. Managed the writing and production of Hazardous Waste Management Plans for Air National Guard facilities throughout the United States. Project responsibilities included employee training and supervision, technical support, scheduling, draft and senior document review, response to comments from National Guard base, federal headquarters, and various state regulatory   agencies, as well as all phases of document production from draft through final.

U.S. Army National Guard – Environmental Compliance Assessment System (ECAS). Conducted field investigations of Army National Guard (ARNG) facilities throughout the states of Illinois and Arkansas in order to determine compliance with local, state, federal and ARNG environmental regulations. Protocols used include Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Safe Drinking Water Act, RCRA-C, RCRA-D, CERCLA, National Historic Preservation Act, FIFRA, TSCA, and NEPA.

Price Company – Phase I Hazardous Materials Site Assessments at four locations. Prepared Phase I reports detailing the results of detailed records search and site investigations to determine possible contamination to four Price Club/Costco stores prior to transfer of ownership of the properties. Purpose of the investigation was to determine possible liability due to prior land use.

California Department of Health Services – Westminster Seeps Study. Under contract to the Department of Health Services,
conducted a site investigation of seepage from a former waste oil disposal facility in a residential area of Westminster, in Los Angeles County. Submitted a preliminary report stating findings and recommendations to conduct air quality monitoring for health
risk prior to, and during remediation of the site.  

Regulatory Compliance

Texaco Trading and Transportation Inc. (TTTI) – Gaviota Marine Terminal Permit Compliance Program Database. Designed and developed a complete computerized monitoring and inspection program database to be used as a tool for tracking permit compliance. Program included scheduling of all compliance reporting requirements associated with the project.

Teledyne Ryan Aeronautical – Convair Lagoon Remediation. Participated on the technical design team to implement the selected method for remediation of a PCB contaminated area within the Convair Lagoon in San Diego County. Assisted in the design of a containment berm and geogrid system. Conducted review and revision of detailed engineering specifications.